"An entrepreneur by nature, my mission is to help the others in as many ways as I can.  My belief is there are no problems, just situations with solutions and people with different abilities. I believe in the power of teamwork and appreciate and work with genuine people." 

John Bestebroer


On this website you will find information about John Bestebroer and his volunteering work for the promotion of  disabled sports over the last years. The website provides more insight into the activities, projects, creative input and plans for the promotion of Paralympic sports that are done by John Bestebroer individually or in collaboration with other partners.

The website is meant to be a selection of just a few representative visual materials collected during the many events attended and they are based purely on John`s personal library.

John Bestebroer is a sports enthusiast born in The Netherlands in 1969 and living in Melbourne Australia while traveling all around the world to be involved with sports. After selling his real estate companies in 2005, he started enjoying life and becoming involved with disabled sports in January 2006.

Between 2006 and 2014 he was mostly active in sitting volleyball as a trainer/coach. Since 2015 his focus has been on promoting and giving different courses about various Paralympic sports worldwide.

Over the last years, John Bestebroer was also successfully supporting and advising some start up companies on a voluntary basis.

Since 2020, and because of the COVID 19 situation worldwide, he went to live with his family in Melbourne Australia.

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